Reading suggestions from Jeff Kendrick                                                                                                                                                7/25/2014

 First on my regular reading list is the Bible.  I try to read at least 1 or 2 chapters a day. I am doing this to savor the reading, not to read through the Bible in any set time frame. Since I have read this book for over 40 years and as a result can't tell how many times at all, I don't see it as a resource that is going to disappear.  However, I don't discourage any reading plan, whether it be the entire Bible in a year or just opening up the Bible and reading randomly.

The following are authors I found worth recommending for casual relaxation, greatly preferred over television:  Not in order of preference.

Butcher, Jim:  The Fury series is a good read with moderate fantasy, the Harry Dresden series could be called fantasy and  gives an education while being a good read. Recommended.  The education part is that the books have the environment o f what is seldom referred to in the Bible: magic or sorcery. I found being exposed to ideas about this filled in a lot of missing information. Even so, I don’t recommend this set of novels to easily influenced minds.


Cornwell, Bernard: The Richard Sharpe series is a great British Army read that has no traditional fantasy or Sci-fi. Set in early 1800s. There are other early England series set in 1300s that have no traditional fantasy or Sci-fi. Recommended.

This set of books gives me a release from technology and is so well written that the past comes alive.


Gabalden, Diana: Outlander series is another good read with moderate fantasy, no Sci-fi.  Recommended. This author has another series called Lord Jim that is not recommended.


Gaiman, Neil: good reads, moderate fantasy. Recommended.


Goodkind, Terry: Great reads, serious fantasy, no Sci-fi. Recommended.


Guy Gavriel Kay: Great reads, low key fantasy. Recommended


Hall, Adam: Cold war settings, great reads. Recommended.


Hamilton, Peter F. : Good reads, Sci-fi. Recommended.


Modesitt, L.E. Low key fantasy, no Sci-fi. Great reads just to relax. Recommended.


O'Brien, Patrick:  British navy settings, late 1700s and early 1800s. No traditional fantasy or Sci-fi. Down to water stories similar to Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series, just in the Navy instead of the army. Recommneded. This set of books also gives me a release from technology and is about naval experiences, which I know little about, so it is educational too.


Rankin, Ian: Interesting reads. Inspector Rebus series, set in modern day Scotland


Rothfuss, Patrick : Good reads. Moderate fantasy. Recommended.


Weber, David: Honor Harrington series is a traditional Sci-fi good read, other series are Sci-fi and are good as well. Recommended. This Honor Harrington series is quite large, maybe 15 books.  This author can really use spatial orientation to develop the space element. Made me develop my imagination to follow the action scenes.


Wolfgang Jeschke: The Cusanus Game. Multiverse philosophy in a good read. Recommended.


This is a partial list I got from browsing the stacks of books in my closet,  I frequent the library and have seen many omissions, but they will have to get on  a revision.

I suggest browsing the wesite  for ideas or information about authors.